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A lot has changed since mom and dad went to college, and certainly for the better! The individual housing contract is one of the latest changes! With this type of agreement, you are only responsible for your student’s installment payments. You’re not liable for the roommates’ payments at all! Unlike a traditional or a joint housing contract, if your roommate transfers or graduates, you have nothing to worry about. A lot of places here in Raleigh still offer joint housing contracts — don’t fall for it! It can become a major headache overnight!

As a condition of our housing contract we require all residents to carry liability insurance ($100,000) for damage to the landlord’s property during the term of their lease. If you have a policy of your own, you can provide proof of that policy prior to move in. If you do not have or provide proof of coverage, you will be automatically enrolled in the Landlord Liability Protection Program. The coverage provided by the Landlord Liability Protection Program meets the minimum requirements of the housing contract. The policy covers only your legal liability for damage to the landlord’s property (covered losses include fire, smoke, explosion, water damage, or backup or overflow of sewer, drain, or sump) up to $100,000. This policy is not personal liability insurance or renters insurance. The policy does not cover any of your personal belongings, additional living expenses, or liability arising out of bodily injury or property damage to any third party. If you are interested in these additional coverage(s), you should contact a licensed insurance agent or insurance company of your choice.

In addition to the wide range of community amenities offered to residents of our NCSU student apartments, we also include cable, internet, electricity, and water, as well as furniture, appliances (which includes a 50″ flat-screen TV in the common area) in each apartment. Did we mention there are no caps on utilities?

Our company specializes in student housing and trains our staff on how to effectively and properly respond to any situation that may arise. Our local property managers are supported by housing contract, business, and maintenance personnel along with our professionally trained student staff. Many of our offices and staff are on-site and we have expert maintenance ready to assist your student with anything we can!

The answer is yes! Don’t worry about hiring movers or renting a truck, we offer fully furnished floor plans at our NC State off campus housing community. Just bring your personal belongings and you’re set!

All of our residents and their guarantors have access to their property’s online resident portal, helping you and them keep up to date with their life here in Raleigh! You or your student can pay monthly installments online via checking or savings account, set up automatic monthly payments, and submit maintenance requests, all with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Yes! We do rent parking spaces to non-residents on a semester basis. Guests of residents are permitted to park on a temporary basis and do need to have a proper parking pass displayed in their vehicle. Contact our office to get more information about rates, availability, and to reserve off campus housing near NC State at The College Inn.

You don’t! As long as you meet our qualifying criteria, you’re welcome to apply and sign for an apartment.

Typically not…but with us it can! We’ve partnered with the RentPlus; a program to allow for on-time rent payments to reflect positively on your credit report.

With the hustle and bustle of balancing classes and healthy social life, we know that most college students don’t even think about building their credit history until after graduation when it’s time to start taking big life steps.  RentPlus offers a way for busy students like you to get a head start!

When you enroll in RentPlus, your on-time monthly rent payments will be reported to 2 of the 3 major credit bureaus (on-time payments are anything within 30 days of the due date).  If you’re already a current resident and want to enroll, you’re in luck! Up to 24 months of your previous on-time rent payments can be reported to help you build up that score!  Click here to enroll!

Our leases are “term leases” which means that there is a set amount for occupying your room between specific dates. Your monthly payment is an installment that is broken down into equal monthly installments with the first being due on August 1st. (Most leases are 12-month terms, however, we sometimes have short-term leases available) You are welcome to pay your monthly installments in advance as long as you keep your account current and in good standing. Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts for prepaid rental installments at this time.

Yes. Our apartments are pet-friendly — read our pet policy.

Are you looking for more control over how you are matched with roommates? Through the RoomSync app, residents are empowered to choose roommates and build a sense of community using lifestyle habits such as cleanliness levels, studying habits, sleep cycles, and more. RoomSync offers an experience that supports a diverse and inclusive matching community through gender-inclusive tools. Furthermore, the app recognizes the importance of living criteria like service and emotional support animals and factors this into the matching process.

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